Source code for certbot.achallenges

"""Client annotated ACME challenges.

Please use names such as ``achall`` to distinguish from variables "of type"
:class:`acme.challenges.Challenge` (denoted by ``chall``)
and :class:`.ChallengeBody` (denoted by ``challb``)::

  from acme import challenges
  from acme import messages
  from certbot import achallenges

  chall = challenges.DNS(token='foo')
  challb = messages.ChallengeBody(chall=chall)
  achall = achallenges.DNS(chall=challb, domain='')

Note, that all annotated challenges act as a proxy objects::

  achall.token == challb.token

import logging
from typing import Any
from typing import Type

import josepy as jose

from acme import challenges
from acme.challenges import Challenge

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class AnnotatedChallenge(jose.ImmutableMap): """Client annotated challenge. Wraps around server provided challenge and annotates with data useful for the client. :ivar ~.challb: Wrapped `~.ChallengeBody`. """ __slots__ = ('challb',) _acme_type: Type[Challenge] = NotImplemented def __getattr__(self, name: str) -> Any: return getattr(self.challb, name)
[docs]class KeyAuthorizationAnnotatedChallenge(AnnotatedChallenge): """Client annotated `KeyAuthorizationChallenge` challenge.""" __slots__ = ('challb', 'domain', 'account_key') # pylint: disable=redefined-slots-in-subclass
[docs] def response_and_validation(self, *args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Any: """Generate response and validation.""" return self.challb.chall.response_and_validation( self.account_key, *args, **kwargs)
[docs]class DNS(AnnotatedChallenge): """Client annotated "dns" ACME challenge.""" __slots__ = ('challb', 'domain') # pylint: disable=redefined-slots-in-subclass acme_type = challenges.DNS